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Mike Shenk is, to puzzle lovers, probably the greatest thing since the electric pencil sharpener. One of the most versatile puzzle constructors and editors in the country, he provided a stunning assortment of pencil puzzles for Games magazine and its offshoots for 16 years, even while constructing daily crosswords for a major newspaper syndicate. Today he is crossword editor of The Wall Street Journal. Mike also writes Java programs for Puzzability's interactive solving, as well as computer programs that set crosswords and many other types of puzzles. Even we are not sure how he does this. 
Amy Goldstein was Associate Editor, and later Managing Editor, of Games magazine and its sister publications for four years. Before that, she spent eight years in book publishing (specifically, at Peterson’s Guides, where she became Managing Editor). She is a trivia buff, wordsmith, and variety puzzle constructor who has developed and produced a broad range of visual and verbal puzzles with special emphasis on pop culture and wordplay. Amy was also a contestant on a game show we will refer to as Xxxxxxxx! because she signed an agreement saying she wouldn’t exploit this fact for self-promotion. 
Robert Leighton has been creating and illustrating his own brand of one-of-a-kind visual puzzles since 1982, first in Games magazine, later in Disney Adventures, Nickelodeon magazine, and a host of national advertising campaigns. A successful illustrator and television comedy writer, he, too, was once on a game show: To Tell the Truth, which means, if you recall, that two other jokers were forced to say “My name is Robert Leighton.” 

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