Word Search Instructions

To solve the puzzle:
You can figure out the word list just by finding the words in the grid, or you can click the "Show Word List" button to the right of the grid if you want to see the list.
You can turn the list on and off as often as you like.
When you find a word or phrase in the word search grid, click its first letter to highlight that letter. Then click its last letter. Or you can click and drag from the first letter to the last letter.
If you've correctly found one of the answers, its letters will change color in the grid and, if you're playing without the word list visible, it will appear in its alphabetical place in the list to the right of the grid.
If you're playing with the list visible, the answer will change color in the list.
Warning: If you leave the puzzle page and then return, the puzzle may reset with any work you've done lost.

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