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Every game of Common Knowledge is two puzzles in one. In the first round, you face a series of hangman-style challenges. For each of these, we present you with a set of blanks and a tricky hint to the answer that fits into them. You try to reveal each answer, letter by letter, before you miss five letters. In the second round, we remind you of the answers (and partial answers) you got in the first round, and you try to guess the common theme shared by all the answers. Once again, we give you blanks for the answer, but this time you must type the entire answer and submit it to see if you're right.

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About the Puzzle
Interactive This puzzle may be used online in an interactive form.
Print This puzzle does not lend itself to use in print.
Customizable This puzzle may be visually customized with a large choice of color schemes, graphic backgrounds, and sounds, and it can be branded with company and product logos.
Targetable This puzzle is not easily targeted. For a related puzzle type that can be targeted, you might try Trivia Hangman.