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In this trivia puzzle, each of the 20 questions has an answer that is a single letter of the alphabet, each different from the others. Once you've answered all the questions, you will have used all but six letters of the alphabet. Rearrange these six letters into a familiar English word to give you the final answer to the puzzle.

1. What letter's column contains the free space on a bingo card?

2. Who is the puppet owl voiced by Fred Rogers on the TV show Mister Rogers' Neighborhood?

3. What letter in Braille is the mirror image of the Braille letter E?

4. What is the first capital letter in the text of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake?

5. What is the most common letter in the combined names of the nine planets in our solar system?

6. What character did Judi Dench play for the fourth time in a November 2002 movie?

7. What new letter rating has Roger Ebert advocated that the Motion Picture Association of America add to its system?

8. What is the country car code—the code seen on oval stickers placed on the backs of cars, especially in Europe—for Germany?

9. What letter indicates the first category on a card in the American Genus edition of the game Trivial Pursuit?

10. What letter is formed in the manual alphabet with the thumb on the palm and the other four fingers held together straight up?

11. What letter was on Larry Doby's baseball cap in 1947 after he became the first black player in the American League?

12. What is the identity assumed by Will Smith's character in the movie Men in Black?

13. What was Thomas Pynchon's first novel?

14. What letter designation was given to first-class 29-cent U.S. postage stamps issued in 1991 before regular versions of the stamps became available?

15. What monthly women's fashion and living magazine published by Fairchild Publications was sold to Condé Nast in August 1999?

16. What letter does Kent refer to as "thou unnecessary letter" in Act II, Scene 2 of King Lear?

17. What letter begins the serial number of a U.S. dollar bill issued by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco?

18. What Mary Roberts Rinehart novel was the fifth-best-selling book of 1915?

19. What is the chemical symbol for the element also known as brimstone?

20. What kind of bomb was obtained by the Duchy of Grand Fenwick in order to win their war against the United States in the movie The Mouse That Roared?

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