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The Daily Post

A new game every week, with a new question every weekday. This week's game:

Cheese Filling
Daily dairy servings

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Daily Game
Common Knowledge
Our hangman-style game with a second level, featuring a new challenge every weekday

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Weekly Games
Say What?
A new quotation to discover every week
Step by Step
Follow the clues to make the right connections

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Teaser of the Week

The letters of the phrase STARTED UP can be rearranged to make two words, each an informal term for the same food item. What are they?

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Worth a Look

Project Architeuthis: The Video
Puzzability created the award-winning code-solving game Project Architeuthis for the U.S. Navy, in which solvers played along in real time on social media throughout May 2014. Lowe and Partners, the Navy's ad agency, hired us and subsequently captured the nature of the immersive story and puzzles in a three-minute video you can see here.

Want more puzzles? Our Puzzle Sampler is a showcase of many of the types of puzzles that we can create for your business.

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