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What Is Puzzability?

You need fresh, original puzzles to captivate your audience. We're the puzzle-writing experts. Here's what we do.

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We've created a wide variety of puzzles for a wide assortment of needs. Here's a list of some of our clients.

Who Is Puzzability?

Just who are the people behind Puzzability?

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Teaser of the Week

The letters of ANY OLD TIME can be rearranged to make three words, each of them a unit of measurement, only one of which is a unit of time. What are they?

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Puzzability Puzzles

Check out examples of the kinds of puzzles we can make for you in our Puzzle Sampler.

Puzzability News

Get Puzzability Crossword Tournament Puzzle Packs!
Puzzability and the Bryant Park Reading Room have held annual crossword tournaments in New York's Bryant Park in September every year since 2016. All four years of puzzles can be purchased as PDFs, with 2019 puzzles now available. Get the details here.

New for Kids!
Puzzlelopedia is an A-to-Z collection of more than 200 quirky, brain-bending and unusually unusual puzzles for kids aged 8-12 from the Puzzability team. Buy it now from Amazon.

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