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You need fresh, original puzzles to captivate your audience. We're the puzzle-writing experts. Here's what we do.

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We've created a wide variety of puzzles for a wide assortment of needs. Here's a list of some of our clients.

Who Is Puzzability?

Just who are the people behind Puzzability?

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Puzzability Puzzles

Check out examples of the kinds of puzzles we can make for you in our Puzzle Sampler, and try our daily and weekly puzzles in our Current Puzzles section.

Worth a Look

Thanks to a crack team of code-breakers, intrepid Navy cryptologist Maria Sosposa and brilliant engineer Dirk Maskew have been rescued! See the winners of Puzzability's game, presented by the U.S. Navy, and read more about it on the Project Architeuthis Facebook page.

Now Available!
Puzzability and Puzzazz team up for our first interactive puzzle book: Puzzability's Variety Show, featuring 27 ingenious grid puzzles, all playable on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch!

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Teaser of the Week

The letters of the word GYRATIONAL can be rearranged to make two words that are the singular forms for players from two professional sports teams. What are they?

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