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You need fresh, original puzzles to captivate your audience. We're the puzzle-writing experts. Here's what we do.

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We've created a wide variety of puzzles for a wide assortment of needs. Here's a list of some of our clients.

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Just who are the people behind Puzzability?

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Check out examples of the kinds of puzzles we can make for you in our Puzzle Sampler, and try our daily and weekly puzzles in our Current Puzzles section.

Worth a Look

Project Architeuthis: The Video
Puzzability created the award-winning code-solving game Project Architeuthis for the U.S. Navy, in which solvers played along in real time on social media throughout May 2014. Lowe and Partners, the Navy's ad agency, hired us and subsequently captured the nature of the immersive story and puzzles in a three-minute video you can see here.

Teaser of the Week

Think of a two-word phrase (with a total of 15 letters) that names people who take tickets from commuters who choose not to drive. Add an O and rearrange all of the letters and you can make a two-word phrase that names something that is a nuisance for commuters who choose to drive. What are these phrases?

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